Jiska Howard (@_jizzca)
Online Communication Consultant, Websites, Social Media, SEO, Photography, CMS (Tridion, SharePoint, Wordpress) @jiskahoward
social media seo sharepoint wordpress marketing omroep fotograaf consultant wordpress cms communicatie tridion
729 1.110 1.071
Arjan van Rooijen (@ArjanVanRooijen)
SDL Chief Evangelist, founder Tridion and Quarton
founder cms tridion
497 379 306
Dominic Cronin (@DominicCronin)
Employed as principal consultant @Indivirtual. Fully dedicated to Tridion geekery, unless some other software happens to be more interesting. Also have a life.
interessant geek developers ontwikkelaar consultant cms tridion
438 528 1.508
Hendrik Beenker (@beenker)
Internet, Indivirtual, Tridion, CMS, Technical Consultant, Games, Architecture, Photography, mr KnowItAll, Spaceman, Realist... It's all in the cloud.
architectuur developers fotograaf consultant cms tridion
350 575 6.339
ingmar (@ingmaru)
Social.Geek | Solution.provider | Digital.Transformation.Strategist | SDL.Tridion.Specialist | Happy.hubby | Proud.daddy and full time nutcase!
happy geek cms tridion
329 295 8.531
Frank van den Berg (@FvdB1976)
Just me, Franky B. BiSL, CMS, SharePoint, Tridion, GUI, WCM, Usability, Internet, Intranet
sharepoint usability cms tridion
302 50 1.424
OS Websolutions B.V. (@OSWebsolutions)
OS Websolutions provides customized solutions focused on the web. We offer Tridion consultants, Domain registration and hosting Web applications.
hosting consultant cms tridion
182 112 442
Hugo Koppenol (@HugoKoppenol)
SharePoint 2010 | Office 365 | Lync | Office | SharePoint Designer | Content Management | SDL Tridion | SharePoint 2013 online |
sharepoint ontwerp cms tridion
153 248 1.006
Marcel Geervliet (@MLGeervliet)
Incentro, Futsal, Tennis, SDL Tridion, Anouk, Pam, Beau
tennis cms tridion
116 160 485
dirk (@osstwit)
Vader | inline skate | mountainbike | Tridion | web-developer | SEO | GSA | beheerder website(s) |
seo sport developers omroep vader ontwikkelaar mountainbiken cms tridion
92 182 619
Harmen (@HarmenHenkemans)
Works with SDL Tridion, GSA. Likes Android, Playstation, Nintendo, Feyenoord and meanwhile a nice cold beer.
feyenoord voetbal mobiel android game nintendo cms tridion
64 111 1.162
Yvo van Zee (@yvthepief)
Technical Consultant at Sentia, VMware Certified Professional 5, Dell Equallogic Certified, Tridion 2009/2011 Certified. Apple-fan.
vmware apple consultant cms tridion
54 163 704
Marco Dieleman (@MarcoDieleman)
Allround web designer and developer. Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Composite C1, Tridion...
photoshop jquery webdesign webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar css ontwerp cms tridion
35 72 84
Ryan van der Wal (@Ryan_vd_Wal)
Webdeveloper;a web eclectic,interested in almost all having to do with the web. Primarily helping customers put Tridion to good use together with C#.
webontwikkelaar developers ontwikkelaar cms tridion
29 55 77